A 5-star workplace pension solution for all type of companies

MyPensionCare is a unique pension solution available to all employees and all types of companies.

By joining us, you and your staff will benefit from a free 5-star workplace pension service.
Our mission is to offer everyone access to a pension, whatever their financial situation.

With a team of pension experts, you and your staff will find a real alternative to build or consolidate a pension plan without breaking the bank.

At MyPensionCare, pensions work for you, not the other way around.


We turn your staff everyday shopping into pension contributions

We have negotiated and partnered with more than 300 online retailers including leading online retailers, to pay for our members'pension contributions.

Every time your employees make a personal online purchase from one of our partners, we top up their pension account for free. With no obligation, they can increase their pension savings today without spending a penny.



Once you join us, all your employees, whether or not they are eligible for the workplace pension, will be added to our scheme, free of charge.



Your employees find their favourite online retailer and shop online as usual.


Build up their retirement

Each time they make a purchase, the commissions received by retailers are paid into their workplace pension account.

You no longer have to bear the administrative work

Unlike our competitors, we have a highly smart system that allows us to simplify our administrative process as described below

New scheme

From your payroll system or by using our template, the company scheme will be ready within hours.

Adding new joiners

We enroll all new joiners and communications will be sent automatically by email or phone.

Ongoing payroll process

Our system assess each employee pay period.

Opt in / opt out

Opt in / opt out are requested by the member using our mobile phone application or by e-mail.

Declaration of compliance

Every 3 years we complete the declaration of compliance at no cost and you will receive a notification by e-mail or letter from TPR.

Ongoing staff assessment

Staff are assessed each pay period. Communication will be triggered directly to the employee by email or phone.

With our competitors, you take responsibility for every task in the pension process, with MyPensionCare you just log in and check that the job is done, without worrying about anything.


Why us?

Automatic enrolment has been a great success, with over 90% of eligible workers now having a pension.
However, the self-employed, the non-eligible or small directors have not been taken into account.

Furthermore, with the current level of contributions at 8%, which is still very low, the risk of poor retirees in the UK is very high.

We want to change this trend, by providing a product that will enable millions of people to access a pension, regardless of their current financial situation.


Our service is 100% free to the employer, as well as having a completely free administration service.

Your staff will benefit from our booster scheme which can help them generate up to £350/year in pension contributions for free.


Each of our clients is assigned a personal account manager who will listen to your needs and answer any questions you or your employees may have.

You will be able to choose when the contribution is deducted or what type of process is appropriate for your company, for example.

No regular contributions

For those of your employees who are not eligible for the workplace pension, they will still be able to use our booster scheme which can help them generate up to £350 per year tax free, and without any obligation or any contribution from you. To find out more click here

Easier to start

You no longer have to worry about compliance or administrative work. When you join us, our team will take care of the entire pension process, from A to Z.

Stay relaxed and focus on what you do best, your business, we'll take care of you.

Did you know?


Only 24% of those who do not qualify for automatic enrolment contribute to a private pension. The main reasons are the complexity of pension products and the lack of financial resources.


All money earned through MyPensionCare receives tax relief. This means that your staff will get a 25% increase from the government for every contribution earn through us.

55 years

Pension freedom rules mean you can access your pension from the age of 55 (57 from 2028).


Save time, save cost, We care for you

Our services including the administration is completely free of charge for the employer.
When it comes to your employees' pensions, we believe that fair and transparent charges can help maximise their pension savings, as described below

Contribution charge: 1.7%

Total Fund Charge: 0.39%

Set-up, Transfer and Exit fees: £0

Ongoing administration: £0

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyPensionCare a pension provider?

MyPensionCare is a scheme run by PensionCare Ltd, which aims to provide an alternative way to build a pension pot and offer regular benefits to its members through their daily online shopping. We offer an administrative pension solution to SMEs and we have partnered with Collegia, a leading 5-star Defaqto pension provider,regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (922214) and registered with HMRC (PSTR 20004161RJ).

What happens next?

Switching to MyPensionCare is easy.
Click here to arrange a meeting with us
▪ Your implementation manager will answer any questions you have at your next meeting, and gather the information needed to implement the new scheme.
▪ Your scheme will be live within hours.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

There is no bidding or long-term contract to sign. All you have to do is agree to the terms and conditions of our services and sign a direct debit instruction for pension contributions.

How the money is invested?

In order to offer you an outstanding service, we have partnered with Collegia, a leading 5-star Defaqto pension provider,regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (922214) and registered with HMRC (PSTR 20004161RJ). The funds are managed by AllianceBernstein, one of the world’s most trusted investment firms.

Does MyPensionCare give advice?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you regulated financial advice or learn about your individual circumstances and make personal recommendations. However, we can explain issues, and give you the provision of information on the range of options that may be available to you.

What happen if I don't want to carry on with MyPensionCare?

You can decide to stop using our service at any time without any condition. However, If you decide to leave us,contributions for the pay period in which you decide to stop using our service are still required to be paid.

What happens if I'm not self-employed or sole director of a company?

You can still use MyPensionCare if you are self-employed or a sole director. Your earned contributions will be paid into a personal pension plan.
For more information about individual account, click here